Links digital photos with GPS tracks to determine where photos were taken
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OziPhotoTool 2.7 is the latest version of this freeware program developed by OziPhotoTool. We can download it from the developer's website and use without limitation, on a private and non-profitable basis. Otherwise, we must purchase the license. OziPhotoTool needs a registered version of OziExplorer 3.95 or later to be installed for most of its features to work. At least the input track files must be in the OziExplorer format. This program has been designed to help us to locate in a generated map where and when a photo has been taken. It uses both digital camera and GPS receiver technologies. The GPS device and the digital camera must be in the same location at the time of taking the picture. It features a comprehensive guide manual, support and online forum. From the main window, we can import one or multiple images in .jpg format and tracks, from anywhere in our directory. Once added, we can preview and remove them. We can open the Time Delta Manager option to calibrate the time, configure the Generation Settings: Waypoint, Map Feature, OziExplorer Interface, Copied Images and External Execution, as well as several advanced features, such as string replacement codes, watermark properties, etc. OziPhotoTool can generate HTML data to add to the waypoint file when displayed in the browser.

Review summary


  • Save a lot of working time.
  • Accurate tracker.


  • It needs a registered version of OziExplorer to be installed.
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